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I have FOUND several sets of props for rgb lights in the above mentioned folder. Covering 4 universes with (3) 50 fixture strands being used for each universe (1x50_RGB_u1.1-150.lpf) etc.


I imported them into my visualization that was already loaded with 96 regular channels, and modified the imported rgb props to my satisfaction. (by the way the visualizer crashed continuously during this process so I learned to save after every change). Decorated the roofline with 6 of them and started building a 16 string tree.


Using those existing RGB props as a model I created 6 more universes and imported those until the visualizer hit its dreaded fixture limit. Ran the channel wizard on all the new props so channels would be assigned.


Anyway after getting all the props of RGB strings of 50 that I could into the visualizer I sent the visualization to Super Star and created a sequence. Exported to sequence editor and it played back into the Visualizer perfectly without any cutting and pasting required.


Have I discovered an easier way to get DMX into the visualizer and play it back after a cycle thru Superstar?

I thought I had to create my props as CCR's and then enter info into the CCR props comment lines and then those props with comments would not play back into the Visualizer.


If this works and actually outputs signals as well to my display as it does to the visualizer and that darn fixture limit gets raised my life and that of many others will be so much easier.


I also have an empty Vegomatic folder, not sure what for but I can imagine several uses.



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Looking for advice on the proper or intended use of these props that I found in this aforementioned folder. Cannot locate anything in the help file.




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