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Matrix Building Question

Ralph A

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I have a question for those of you that have built a matrix, or know about such things.

I'm currently building a small matrix (my first)  to use near the street as a sign to broadcast many different things like FM station, please dim lights, names of songs as well as general patterns and whatever else I come up with.

I'm using 5vdc LED strips that are controlled one LED (Pixel) at a time. (not three at a time)  The spacing on the strip is approximately 1 1/4 inches form the edge of one pixel to the edge of the other.  I will run the strip from right to left with 50 pixels.  These are WS2811 ran by A E682 San device .


Question is, when I run these strips from top to bottom should I keep the spacing the same? That is 1 1/4 inches from the first strip (pixel) to the second below and so forth.  It seems like I would get the best patterns that way and of course you can make the spacing at any distance you want, we do that with CCR's and Superstar trees. Narrow at the top and wider at the bottom and so forth. Yet I seems like I will get better patterns and truer shapes this way.


What has your experience been?


Thanks Everyone!!

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Same distance apart. The scrolling words and such will look not only cleaner, but more readable too, especially at close proximity to your viewers.

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I use 12 of Lor's ccrs & I have them spaced 3.5 inches apart to make my Matrix. Can't speak for pixel though. The ccp's look ok on Brian's Tree when scrolling. I have my boards painted flat white to reflect the colours better.


As for my radio sign I use my Matrix & I bought a scrolling sign. So even when I use my matrix for animation my mini scrolling sign I bought keeps showing the radio station.

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