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LOR Controller Useless?


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I thought originally when I started out that I would be 100% RGB.. While most things can be done with RGB there are still a few things that we need string lights for.  But I have found that I cannot do some things without alot more cost involved. For example we have some white only 4-7ft tall wireframe trees. We could convert them to pixels but the cost is too much as compared to a couple strings of white led's and a LOR controller.


I would expect that you might get rid of a few, but I would always keep a couple around. There is always something that you might want to plug in to them. If anything.. use a controller or two for your indoor tree... It will spruce things up!


Maybe if I had an unlimited budget....
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Honestly, I'm not sure what generations they are, been buying a few at a time over the past5-6 years. I'll take some pics of them tomorrow and see if there are any markings on the boards to designate generation.


If anyone knows how to check let me know, honestly, never needed to do that, they've worked flawlessly over the years.



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