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Setting up LOR controllers to run in DMX mode


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     Well its the  new  year (hope everyone had a  safe and Happy Christmas) and  time to  make some  improvements . I would like  to  eliminate my LOR Dongle and  run  just  E1.31. I  ran E682 and   some  dumb controllers  for  my  DMX  this  season and everything  worked  great.  My only problem is  that out in my garage where I  had my  computer it got so  cold  that the  computer froze, so I had   to bring it  inside the  house and   run cables out  the   window. We had a warm up  yesterday  so I installed a weatherproof box outside and  ran 2  Network outlets in it so all I  have  to  do is  plug inside and  outside.  I ordered a 6 port  Bridge from Diyledexpress and  would like  to  run my 2 LOR controllers Via E1.31.  What I  am unsure of  is  how do I set up the LOR controllers in   Network Prefs.  Also do I connect the Crossover cable to  one of the Bridge ports to the 1st controller?  this is  what I  think  the  wiring  sold be.  If I  have  something  wrong please  feel free to  point  that out ...


Pc Ethernet port ---network switch---  E682-----Pixels

                                                ---6 port bridge---dumb DMX

                                                                     --- LOR controllers  via crossover cable.


Thanks for  any  input ,



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None of the LOR controllers I know of will run directly off of E1.31 protocol; they only run DMX or LOR protocols.


There are converters out there that will change E1.31 to DMX which is what you seem to be trying to do.


The six DMX outputs of the Bridge should be defined in the same way as the other E1.31 controllers you used last year.


Running the LOR controllers in DMX mode will result in losing smooth fades, twinkles and shimmers.

You may have quite a bit more network traffic using them in DMX mode, since the fades, twinkles and shimmers are built into the LOR controller firmware.

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