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Any chance of more memory in 2014?


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This season's show used 336 LOR channels for CTB16's, 1800 DMX channels to 12 CCR's on two additional LOR networks, and 8454 DMX channels on E.131 network (with assigned IP's, not multicast). It ran flawlessly. Only handicap is about a 30-45 second wait on save/load, and a few seconds to undo or move groups. Total is around 10,590 channels.


Now I'm testing refitting our 70' mega-tree with pixels. The first sequence I tried, had additional 31,680 channels. (64x165 pixels) It's about 5-7 minutes to load/save. I can live with that- I've got several workstations I can hot-key between and work on other sequences.. The BIG problem- I can't right-click on rows and change/add/delete etc. The pulldown menu pops up and instantly disappears. Opened/closed LOR several times... No worky.


Then I buillt another sequence with 64x135 pixels added. (total of 36,510 channels in sequence) It has the long wait to open/close, but right-clicking does work after about 5 seconds of waiting. I've taken and copied existing musical sequence and populated the new channels... The show player seems to work fine. DMX fades etc seem fine.


I've tried it with and without the 4G patch. I really want to use the larger pixel count strings. Even with the smaller ones, I'm afraid that I may add another prop and it will push it over and no more row changes. 


It seems that the increase size shows from RGB and Pixel control is inevitable. I understand the underlying issues with the xml file structure and it's size.. S3 is the best all around software. It's my understanding that the memory limitation is the thing holding us back. Any chance this could be addressed this year?

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