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Missing something - visualizer not showing sequence


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Newbie here - getting a 1 year start on my first show for 2014!


Following all the tutorials I could find, I created a pretty simple mega tree, assigned channels and colors of strings, but I can't figure out how to make the lights blink when I'm playing my sequence.


How do I get my fixtures created in the visualizer to work when editing a squence?  Am I missing some sort of import into the sequnce editor?


thanks in advance -


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Thank dgrant for the response, but that didn't help me. Seems that when I click in the icon that looks like film it wanting me to upload an image. But I'm wanting my file that I created in the visualizer to upload in SE. Is this possible or am I trying to do something that can't be done. I tried with box checked and unchecked. Thanks again

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Yes, review the tutorial as DevMike posted for you.


Its the other way around. You create the channel assignments in the SE, then in the Visualizer you create the strings, props and fixtures and assign them to channels in the SE. I don't remember a picture icon unless its for the background image, in the visualizer. The pulldown menu to command the visualizer is in the SE, PLAY, Control Visualizer.

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