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No power but no blown fuses


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Hey gang,


   I fear the worst, I have a newer LOR1602wg3   that will not power on, but it doesn't have any of its four fuses blown. Nothing is burnt, nothing smells bad. I have burned boxes up before, I have burned out triacs, I am truly stumped. I pulled off top panel and checked power is getting down to the blue board...but then....nothing.


I saw an earlier post where a fella pulled I-8 leads off and worked his way through..I did the same...nothing.




I am done for?






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If you've taken the cover off, look in the center area of the board for a small fuse. I *think* it's a small 100mA fuse. I've seen two of those blown on controllers this season.This would render the board inoperable. Should be able to replace that fuse and be back in business.

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