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Schedule will not start

William Ahern

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I think I read the answer to this somewhere but I can't find it... :( sorry

I got a different laptop (read "free but old and slow") than the one I started with. I installed the software and drivers onto the new laptop. The hardware utility immediately recognized the unit and was able to test without a problem. The schedule editor is able to control the lights and the sequences play without a problem. I created a show, assigned it to the weekly schedule, and "enabled shows" in the control panel. When the time comes, the status window is display "Playing: First Show". But no music, and no lights.

The really odd part is that on the original laptop the schedule works without a problem (in fact I'm watching a show while typing this.)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Well, to answer my own question...

I re-copied all the music files and sequence files to the new laptop. But instead of copying the show file, I recreated the show file, set up the schedule again. Lo and behold, this time, the status window said "Playing: New show" and the lights turning on scared the heck out of me (i.e everything worked as it should).

I assume that rebuilding the show was the secret.

anyway, now it works.

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