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sequence CCB as one 100 bulb CCB instead of two 50's


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I'm trying to figure an easy way to program/sequence a CCB unit as one 100 bulb controller instead of two 50's; probably using SS instant sequencer. I was hoping the hardware utility had an option of treating it as a 100 bulb unit, but I don't see it.

I don't see this as an option in SS either.


Am I missing something? Or do I have to do a lot of copy and paste?

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In SS, it is easy to just select all the bulbs and treat it as one element for static use. You don't have to copy and paste in SS. Just select it and change the colors each time you need to but change the time. Example: I want the bulbs on at the 1 second mark for 1 second. I drag in the timeline from 1 to 2. I then highlight all the bulbs, choose my color and with the scene tool highlighted I hit add. I then want to add another burst of CCB color at the 5 to 6 second mark. I left click the 1 to 2 second scene (this makes that scene and all of it's elements active). I then drag in the timeline between 5 and 6 and hit add. The new scene is added that looks exactly like the previous one. Don't like the colors? Left click it, change the colors, hit modify. Want it longer or shorter? You can select the scene, drag new lines in the timeline and hit modify. You can also use the nudge tools to move the scene left right or increase and decrease the length. SS takes some time to adjust to this type of sequencing. But once you do it is way faster than the sequence editor.

In the instant sequence, it is all automatic. It takes all your elements and does its thing. If you want your CCB to stay one color you can select that element and chose only the one color in the instant sequence setup menu. Any more than one color and you just don't know what it will do for each bulb. To me the not knowing and random effects is why I use the instant sequence. It is not going to be as good as you can make it. So knowing that going in maybe will allow you to accept whatever it gives you a little better.

In SE, the CCB has macros to allow it to be treated as only 1 bulb. I don't have the manual in front of me but I think it is channel 158. You set that to intensity 1 then you only need to color the first bulb and the entire string changes to that.

There are tutorials on all this on YouTube (there are in the main LOR web page under support as well). I encourage you to look for those and watch them. Picture worth a thousand words and such....

Good luck


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