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Quick Network or not to network Question

utb ghost

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I was going to add a 12 ribbon CCR but am way behind.  Plan was to run one controller and 6 ribbons on two auxiliary networks, and 6 LOR 1602's on the main.  I have never networked, and since I'm finally starting my show tomorrow night without the CCR tree, I'll have 8 1602's connected but only run about 109 channels off of them.  New plan is to run all 8 controllers WITHOUT networking any - just one main.  I should be ok, yes?  


Then, if I can get the CCR 12 ribbon tree up next Saturday as a late show surprise, I would put 6 ribbons on Aux A and 6 others on Aux B networks.  I should be good, yes?


Original plan was to link one 1602 with 6 CCR and another with the other 6 ribbons and have only 6 (not 8) controllers on my primary network.


Thanks - just checking the LOR Units now, connect and start show tomorrow at 5.  What a year .....



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8 controllers on one network isn't a problem.


If you are *not* using 500k speeds with the CCRs then 6 CCRs per network would be maximum recommended. However, in rare cases, you may still see glitches now and then.

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