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CCP Controller Issue


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I have a mega tree split into two networks using CCP controllers. Aux A - controllers 7, 8, 9, and 0A,  Aux B - 0B, 0C, 0D, and 0E.  I am having an issue with 3 controllers on Aux B.  0B, 0D, and 0E (1, 3 and 4 in that order) 0C, unit 2 on Aux B, works fine and in sync with Aux A. On every one of my sequences there is a delay in my lights during scenes, morphs, etc.  When the morph starts from the bottom and goes up, the lights are ahead by 1/2 a second and when they reach the top they are at a full second.  All my set sequences are out of line because of these three rogue controllers.  Another example when the morphs go down from the top, these three controllers trigger on command with the sequence, but are ahead one second to the bottom.  I have also noticed that on slow morphs, the lights get ahead even faster, it's like they are doing the opposite of the scene.  Basically one side of my tree is out of line. I have replaced my cables, reset my controllers, checked my channel configuration, changed my network speed up and down, replaced my USB with the red ones, switch com ports..... I have done just about everything except ask for these three controllers to be replaced.  I have a ticket opened for assistance and so far there have been no solutions.  I was told it was a buffering issue, but can't locate anything on correcting this or why it's doing this.


I know I have posted this issue before on this forum, but can't find it anywhere anymore. It's like it vanished.....  Has anyone run into this issue before?  Any help is greatly appreciated!! 

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