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Sequence of things to do to get LOR to work in a DMX environment


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I have almost 600 LOR channels on 37 16 channel controllers that was running fairly well last year in LOR mode. Now this past year I built a RGB megatree using 8100 RGB channels. I tried on LOR running everything but LOR could not handle running both traditional controllers and the E.131 at the same time.  


Consesus is that Xlights should run both the pixels and the LOR but LOR should be in DMX mode. Even the setup in Xlights warns about maximum LOR channels running in LOR mode. It suggests running high numbers of LOR channels in DMX mode for better throughput.


Since I have more than the maximum channels that a 'universe' allows (512) I have to run my LOR in two seperate DMX universes. Therefore I ordered an additional USB-RS485 converter and two LOR-DMX cables. Both of these parts are on order and should arrive in a few days.


What should I be doing in the mean time? II am relatively new to DMX and not sure if my channel configuration or anything else needs to be modified for DMX?? Having my LOR network split up in two seperate DMX universes in confusing.


My RGB pixel megatree has been working perfect using Xlights. I have 36 strands and 36 universes that I use for the megatree. I'm assuming that my 2 new universes that I will be using to run my LOR network in DMX mode will be universes 37 and 38? Is that correct?   How and where are these assigned and configured? I do know that I have to install' them in Xlights 'setup tab' and feel comfortable with doing that in Xlights. But how does my LOR network know that they are operating as universes 37 and 38?? What do I do to my LOR network so that everything is assigned and mapped correctly? How do I tell my LOR network that they should respond to universe 37 channels 1-512 and universe 38 1-100??


By the way, I deserve this for not testing all of this in July. Lesson learned.


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