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CCB and S3 Problems


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Hello Folks, 

I am  newbie here and I am having a problem with my CCB and S3 communication.  When I first received my lights I connected everything on a laptop and things were working fine.  I programmed a short sequence and the lights work perfectly.  As I was doing programming for the sequence I am going to use the laptop screen was too small, So I loaded the drivers and software on my desk top following the same directions and used the default settings in the CCB programming guide.  Now I have lost channels, I have color anomalies in some pixels and whole sections of the sequence don't even work.  I have checked the hardware settings over and over and have reset the CCB controller.  Now it seems like the problem is just when I run the sequence or use the programmed shimmer and twinkle in the hardware utility.  When I reset the controller or use the macros from the console in the hardware utility all channels and colors work perfectly.  


I tried the laptop again and the same problems are happening on that too.  On both the laptop and the desktop the same channels are not responding or responding with the wrong colors.  


I have looked the forums and don't see any fixes or anyone having the same problems.  I would appreciate any insight you guys could provide. I have attached the sequence if that is any help.


Thank you very much!!!

Eugene  :huh:

2013 Xmas.las

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