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How to turn an channel on at the end of the show


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As a sort of "show's over" sign, I'd like to have my garden and motion-sensor porch lights turn on at the end of my show. They are both controlled by X10.

Having a shutdown sequence that simply turns those X10 circuits on won't work because LOR sends an off signal to all channels in a sequence when that sequence ends.

My idea for a workaround to this problem was to create an X10 macro on the CM11A that would turn the lights on. The macro would only trigger when an "on" signal was received and would ignore the "off" signal.

The trouble is, the signal sent by the sequence editor doesn't trigger the macro. I know the macro was downloaded to the CM11A because when I send the on signal using an X10 transmitter, it works. It also works when I send it from ActiveHome.

It took a while to test this because ActiveHome is a 16-bit application that seems to mess up whenever the comm port has already been opened by a 32-bit application (like LOR), so I had to reboot frequently.

If nothing else works, I'm going to the workaround of setting a timer on the CM11A that turns the lights on after the time the show is supposed to end. This is not as elegant, however, and means extra work in order to change the end time of a show.

So any ideas?

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Create a second show, which contains a background sequence that turns on your porch light. Schedule it to come on after your main sequence.

We do the same thing with security lighting...


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