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G3 MP3 Music Starts Late Then Catches Up


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Most likely your music files are in variable bit rate mp3.  They need to be in constant bit rate format.  You can use Audacity to convert them.

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Ah, but you have to also consider that the Mp3 director is NOT a "windows" based computer,  do the CBR (Constant Bit Rate) thing to the song.


Then re open the original sequence, it MIGHT mess up the beat,


So a way around it is to copy the entire sequence with windows "copy & paste", then open a new sequence with the CBR'ed version of the song, set the beat you want, and then paste the sequence into the new version. the sequence follows the beat that is set in the sequence NOT the timing within the song, and changing the bit rate MIGHT (don;t know for sure) alter the original beat that you had set.


BUT, the one thing I DO know, is that the Mp3 Director reads the SD card in a different way than a windows computer.



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