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CCR Tree Sequences not exporting correctly


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I have several CCR sequences that I purchased that were done in SuperStar and delivered that way.  When I view in SuperStar, they are fine, but when I export to S3, I see issues in a couple of them.  The first is Wizards in Winter, right after the 1 minute mark, the CCRs appear to stutter.  The rest of the sequence is fine and it does it every time it plays, so I don't think it is a data or PC issue.  It only lasts about 10 seconds, then resumes to normal.  


Similarly, I have another sequence that when one of the graphics appears, it appears slightly out of whack, like one or two of the ribbons are out of order.  Again, only one part of sequence and it happens every time it plays.


I have re-exported both again from SuperStar, and they play the same way.  


Has anyone else experienced this?  is there a setting I'm overlooking in SuperStar before exporting?  


Any help would be appreciated.





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I have the same problem with several sequences. My problem is faces or some shape is splt when in plays in the sequence editor but looks fine in superstar. I did not set up visualizer so I was not aware of this until I started my show.. No solution yet...

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