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I got my iDMX in yesterday. I plug it into the USB-485b and get a solid light when I launch Hardware Utility 1.6.6. I scan for units and it finds 16 units starting with E0.

I select the E0 unit and when I click on the circuits to test I can get my ColorSplash to Turn on and by selecting the differant channels I can get it to change colors.

I.e. I select Ch 3, send an ON command and it lights up red, Ch 4 and 5 also work and control the colors. on, off and all the effects work fine from here.

I go to the console - Select iDMX as the controller, and select Virtual Controller for the DMX channels. The default unit id is 1. I can not get anything to work

I change the unit ID menu to 0 and as soon as I try to move any slider I get the error..
"Run-time error '9'. Subscript out of range Trace: Send Command, Trace Set Itensity"

What am I doing wrong...

My iDMX is set to the default of E0
My Colorsplash DMX ID is set to 26. I tried setting the ID to 1 and no change
Colorsplash has 5 DMX channels:
Ch 1 - Reserved
Ch 2 - Blackout/Strobe/Dimmer
Ch 3 - Red
Ch 4 - Green
Ch 5 - Blue

Any help or insight is much appreciated.


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I don't own any Colorsplashes but I do have Colorado3's. I assume the addressing is the same for both since Chauvet manufactures both.

Go back over your manual and read the difference between "DMX-512 control without "ID" address and "DMX-512 addressing with ID address.

Try using the "without ID address" and set one Colorsplash to DMX ch 001.


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In the console you set unit ID to E0, and you can control DMX channels 1-16 on your DMX network. If you were to set your colorsplash to ID 1, you'd be able to control the 6 channels in the console using the first 6 sliders. Since you have your colorsplash set to 26... I'm pretty sure this will work....

E0 controls DMX channels 1-16

E1 would control 17-32

so if you set console unit ID to E1, you should be able to control your colorsplash starting with slider # 10 (which should show up as E1.10).

Unless you have a ton of DMX channels in your show, you might find it easier to set your colorsplash #1 as ID 1, and if you have a second set it to 17, a third at 33 - this will allow you to control each fixture starting with the first channel of each group of 16 channels.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestion.. I figured out what I was doing wrong.....

In the console pull down unit ID menu I was selection "0" Not "E".

But it appears that the sliders do not correspond with the DMX Channels They appear to be 1 off. i.3. Slider 3 controls DMX chan 2.

Anyone else see this happening?

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the one thats off is a ColorSplash JR. I have no problems with my 220B, or any of my other DMX units. But both of the ColorSplash Jrs are off, i.e. Chan 2 which controls the dimmer pak is controlled by E0.3. I'm begining to think it might be a Chauvet issue.

The Jrs were just upgraded from a 4 Chan to a 5 Chan system with Ch 1 being "Reserved for future application". what ever that is...

Just a note for anyone useing the Chauvet Colorsplash Jr (aka colorsplash PAR 83).

I'm really liking the potential for this DMX control with LEDs. Only if I had enough money to get one of those LED walls...... Oh what fun I could have....

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