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Hardware Config thinks I have a ELL....HELP!


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When I go into my hardware config it shows the ELL icon. I don't have an ELL. Also, I have random channels lighting even when LOR is not loaded. When it shows the ELL, it doesn't find all all the controllers. HELP!!!


I recently added a new Showtime controller (not a MP3 show director unit) to the my units. Is that what's causing the problem? 


Is there a way to disable the ELL feature?


Show starts tomorrow....HELP!!!!




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Start by taking recently added items away and checking with the HU.

Reduce the size of your network until it finds what you expect then add back slowly until it begins to fail.

You also may have a bad Cat5 cable or jack somewhere.

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I can already tell you it's the "built in" MP3 Director in the controller.   Even though I was using an DC-MP3 Showtime Director, sometimes when I had everything connected and had an SD Card INSERTED into the Director unit, the HWU would show it as an ELL.   Remove the SD Card from the Showtime Controller and the HWU will not show the Director Controller as an ELL.  


Again, this always happened if I fogot to pull the SD Card, as when it's inserted and there is a show on the SD Card, the HWU will get confused and list it as an ELL.  


So I'm thinking this is the same issue you're having, that you still have a show running in the Showtime Controller on the SD Card and the HWU is thinking it's an ELL.   Again, remove the SD card, and the ELL icon should disappear.


If you don't have an SD card inserted, then there may be another issue causing this, are any other LOR programs open?   If so, close evrything but the HWU and hopefully that should rectify the issue.


If not, could be something else, but just know I have had this issue leaving my SD card inserted and then running the HWU.


Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the suggestions. After some troubleshooting of cables/connections, I was able to resolve the problem by replacing a long cable run and balancing the network load between the 2 networks. Fingers crossed and prayers said. Thanks again.

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