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MiniDirector Issue


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Testing out the miniDirector today and it seems to have a problem.  For my test I created a show with a single animation sequence and associated it on trigger 1, and a second show with 2 musical sequences associated with trigger 2.


Trigger 1 works fine...turn it on and all the lights come on immediately as expected...the issue is with the show with the musical sequences.  I turn off show 1 via a switch, wait a few seconds, and then turn on show 2 via a second switch.  When the second show starts with the musical sequences, it "appears" to begin playing as I see lights coming on and off (but no music).  This continues for about 3 seconds with no music...then all lights go dark for about 3 seconds...and then the music/lights start up again and begin playing about 6 seconds into the song just fine.  The same behavior happens when the second sequence in the show starts playing.


Any ideas?



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