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Listener error messages


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I fired up the show tonight (against all odds) and with the exception of a few problems it all seems to be running..


However, I am getting some weird messages in the listener box. It seems to be running right, but I wonder what's throwing the messages


5:DMX4             [ERROR] E1.31u4: Invalid DMX address: 0

1:RecHandler    [Warn    ] Error Reply: 000003000039 Cannot queue DMX command

3:Listener          [ ERROR] Socket 616, connection closed while reading message header

25:Listener        [info        ] Socket 616, exiting

32:Listener        [info        ] Connection Accepted (588)


All of this occurs BUT.. the song and the device on Universe 4 appear to running fine ...


Any ideas?





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Hmmm... what version of LOR are you using?


Is there a sequence (or a set of sequences) that this consistently happens on? If so, could you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) a copy of one such sequence? Also please send me the output of the LOR Verifier.


In the email, please clearly mention this thread's URL, which is:





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