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CCR won't play in SE

ken collins

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Is there an enable networks button I'm missing somewhere? I'm running 5 networks, 4 of them CCR's and only the net normal lights in the display. I've checked there configuration, and test the CCR's in the HU. Had em working last year, but now I'm a year older and suffering from brain fade.  

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Thanks for the response Kevin, and yes, all networks are assigned. All comm ports are configured, and I show communication with all the units in the hardware utility. Hardware utility  finds all the controllers, in all the different networks, and I can test the controllers and ccr's through the hardware utility, but only net normal, or the network I have ctb16 controllers on light up when playing a sequence. I've got a configuration issue someplace. I'm using 5 networks, net normal is all the ctb 16 controllers (32), net a is 4 ccr archs, net b is 6 ccr stick lights, net c and net d are 12 ccr tree. I did upgrade to the usb485hs for the aux networks this year. I assigned them there comm ports and changed them in network preferences. I've been over that several times, and it all checks out. The compatibility mode was checked in net preferences, and that's the only thing I have found, and not sure if that would cause this issue.

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How about the sequence itself? You have the CCRs assign to aux a, b, c and d accordingly? If the HWU is seeing all the controllers and testing good, I would say it would be the network preferences or sequence itself. You confirm the network pref. Your software version is Advance right?

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I had the same problem today and contacted Brian at superstar(an absolute gentleman) I did all this below and all worked fine


What version of the software are you using? What speed are you using for the CCR networks? If you are using 500K for the CCR networks you need to use the latest firmware in the CCR controlers. Check the firmware version as follows:
Shut down Sequence Editor
Launch Hardware Utility
Select a com port number in the dropdown in the upper left corner
Click on "Refresh"
What controllers does it find?
For the CCR controllers, make sure they are all using v1.17 of the firmware
If not, update the firmware as follows:
1) Launch the Hardware Utility
2) Click on the "Refresh" button, after 30 seconds or so it should find your CCR controllers and list them in the list box
3) Click on the "Firmware" button at the bottom
4) Step 1 - click on "Selected unit listed above"
5) Step 2 - click on the "Open" button and select "CCR150D-V1_17.lhx" 
6) Step 3 - click on the "Download" button
7) After 20 seconds or so it will tell you it is done
8) Select the next CCR controller and click on the "Download" button again
Do this for each CCR controller
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