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I remember reading somewhere on here about an "I/O 32" board that was due out that would allow users to control several... 32? servos? Anyone know about that? I sure would love to buy one :D Thanks!

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We have designed a 32 channel digital IO card as well as 3 daughter cards (16 channel 40 amp 120/240 vac triac card, 8 channel 60 amp 120/240 vac triac card and 8 channel relay card). The 32 channels are configured as 4 banks of 8, each bank individually configurable as digital inputs, digital outputs, triac control or servo control.

Unfortunately, Christmas is upon us and these have been delayed along with several new controllers that are in various states of design or testing. All these devices should be ready by the end of Q1 08 or Q2 08. Sorry that this doesn't help you much.

To run the DMX servo controller you indicated would require an iDMX-1000 -- this is a pretty costly solution relative to the DIO32. But the iDMX is here now. With the current LOR software you would have access to 100 servo positions instead of the 255 that the card can actually perform. Next year LOR II will be updated to support native DMX, so this limitation will be removed.

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Is there any info available yet? Will the 32 channel DIO card be a LOR controller? I want to be able to remotely locate it like a LOR AC controller.

What other controllers are you working on? When will they be announced? Good to hear that some new products are on the horizon.



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