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Generic uDMX adapter


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I recently purchased a generic USB to DMX adapter that uses uDMX protocol.

I am able to use it to connect to various DMX devices using Freestyler, but cannot seem to get LOR to even recognize it. 


In the most simplistic sense, I have a chauvet circus 2.0 which has a number of pre-programmed sequence that will start up if I send a number down channel 1. Channel 2 controls the speed of the sequence. Channel 3 controls the color strobe speed and Channel 4 controls the speed of white strobe LEDs.


I figure if I can send the appropriate number down the appropriate channel, I will be able to do what I need. I just cannot seem to get LOR to 'see' the adapter..

Should it be showing up as an adapter under the drop down menu?


I have successfully used DMX on a separate setup that uses e1.31 and some GE ColorEffects lights connected to a SanDevice board.


Brian Andrus


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