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Scheduling shows - Newbie


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When I enable the one show I have, it only plays one of the six songs in it. I want to be able to enable the shows and they run without me having to be at the computer all night.
My questions are:
How do I set it up so all six of the songs play back to back as part of one sequence and then put a 10 minute break in between the show repeating itself?

And, how can I put in a one- minute intermission between each of the six songs and have all the lights go on between shows?

Thank you

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The usual culprit is that you have a sequence hanging at the end. Load it up into the sequence editor, change the play mode to "visible screen only" and scroll to the last screen to the right. Then hit play. You should see the stop button turn red, the last screen play, then the sequence end and the green play arrow turn active again. If not, your sequence is hanging, and you need to adjust the total time (Edit menu) down a few tenths of a second until you get the above test to work. Do this with each sequence.

As for the six-minute intermission, what I'd do is schedule a 6-minute long animation sequence. If you want everything on, just place one lighting event in it with all lights on. Then schedule this as the last sequence in your show, *in the musical section* of the show editor.


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Tim pretty much covered it, however I think you want something more along the lines of:
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
10 Minute Break

See the below picture. It is a screen shot of what the show editor will look like.

The Songx (where x is the song number) is a musical sequence file.

1min_Intermission is an animation sequence. It will be the sequence that is played as your intermission.

10min_Break is an animation sequence. It will be the sequence that is played during the 10 minute break.

Everything is placed in the musical sequence tab in the Show editor. The show will play to the end then it will check if the scheduled time is up and if it is not it will repeat; otherwise the show will end. Hope this makes sense.


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Thanks for your suggestion. As it turns out, the guys at Wow Lighting were able to help me. They informed me that LOR has been sending out 1.63 which is for Vista machines. It has a glitch for the XP users like me. They simply me sent me the 1.61 version and it worked just fine.

Not sure why LOR does that but hopefully somone will point it out to them because if it were not for the WOW guys, I would not be running for Halloween.

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