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LOR1602MP3 won't power

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Hi LOR Friends,


My LOR1602MP3 will not power up. I have tested by trying to run a show and by hooking it to the Hardware Utility. My hardware utility will recognize my CTB16 (both by hooking it directly to my USB485 and by running it through the LOR1602MP3. 


The only time the status lights on the ShowTime Director will come on is when I plug it into my separate 16 channel controller. The large red status LED on the bottom circuit board no longer illuminates. 


I have had both fuses checked and both are still intact. 


I'm really hoping something on my system has not fried, but I have not done ANYTHING out of the ordinary. The LOR1602MP3 worked fine when I brought it out for the first time this morning. It interacted just fine with the Hardware utility. 


Please help. I do a show to benefit a charity for Soldiers every year and I'm running out of time!


Thank you!!!


(In the attached picture, I have set up the system to the Hardware Utility. As you can seem the green light on the LOR1602MP3 is on because it's connected to the 16 channel controller. If I disconnected the green CAT5 cable, that green light would go off.) 





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