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Is it possible to make BRG AND GRB work together


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I am using an E682 and I I have some WS2811 strips which are BRG and and in the same strip I want to add some 2811 nodes but they are GRB.  I am making spiral christmas trees and the strips go around the tree up to the top and I was hoping to use the 2811 nodes inside the plastic star on the top of the tree.  I know the E682 can be configured for different types but its all one universe.  I am curious can I mix the color when adding the channels?


Any ideas?  



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Short answer is no.

Longer answer is the E682 will allow different color orders for each cluster, but not within the same cluster. If you have the spare outputs you could have the end on a different string fed from a different cluster. I will be doing something similar with the light strips along a walkway which is curved so the outside is longer than the inside. I plan to set it up so that both sides of the walkway will have about 25 logical pixels. To accomplish that the number of LEDs in each logical pixel will be different. The 2 strings will be on different clusters.

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what about when I do the channel setting and assign the DMX addresses if I change say Red to the channel the Green is on and Green to the channel Blue is on and so forth.  Would that work or create issues I am not thinking about yet?

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