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CMB24D in DMX 1990 mode E1.27 or other


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Hi gang,


I am currently in the process of converting all my traditional DMX gear running in Vixen to LOR hardware. I purchased 2 CMB24D thinkingthey were standard DMX capable units. It seems like they are DMX over ethernet though. Can anyone confirm this? The manual shows starting MX address but then specifies the E.127. What is the connection method to the PC? RS485 or ethernet and is there a different E1.27 adaptor needed or stright ti the NIC on the PC?



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I believe that LOR only supports E1.31, not 1.27. Also you are correct that it is over ethernet.



dang, I miss that edit button...hit reply to soon.


Yes, you connect your ethernet cable straight to your network port (or NIC card) on the computer.

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Thanks Paul R.


I got the E1.27-2 spec from the controller manual but who knows when it was revised.


This is my first forray into the DMX over ethernet. All my DMX stuff had multiple universes and never further than 2000ft so never needed to use ART NET.


So there is no need to do any config to the board other than DMX address switches?? Do you know what determines the universe it lives in?

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Are you trying to drive your controllers with LOR software or Third-Party software?


Many people run dual networks; one LOR network for the LOR controllers and the other for straight DMX.


Some other people have larger networks and run them as E1.31 networks out of the computers network jack.


Kinda depends on what you're trying to do.


Keep the Apples and Oranges separate; don't use a word blender.

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The jumpers on the CMB24D that select LOR Network or DMX E1.27-2 change the wiring of the RJ45 jacks. These jacks are always RS485 and should never be connected to a LAN.


When these jumpers are in the LOR Network position, the RJ45 jacks are wired to be connected in a standard LOR Network and/or use LOR USB485 adapters. When these jumpers are in the DMX E1.27-2 position, the RJ45 jacks are wired in the way commonly used by DMX networks.


The Entec Open DMX has an XLR5 connector. You would need to purchase a standard XLR5 to RJ45 converter. It would map the wires in the XLR5 to an RJ45 connector with E1.27-2 wiring. In this case, you would put the CMB24D jumpers in the DMX position. 


If you use a LOR USB adapter, leave the CMB24D jumpers in the LOR Network position even if you are running DMX through the adapter.

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Thanks John,


I have the 5 pins and 3 pin connectors as it was an existing small touring rig I had been using. The manual just has a paragraph on jumpers saying to move them for LOR or DMX, but does not mention that it was simply rearranging pins in the RJ jacks.


I made the mistake of assuming that the jumpers set the operating mode. Went round and round with this until I set the jumpers back to start over and it worked as it said it would.


I think the topic was touched on in another manual, but not in the 24D one I received with my unit.


Thanks all. Its working great now. Now if all my floods and cables make it here in time to install!! My moving head and DMX LED stuff is out on a rental and this LOR board and dumb floods is to take its place and fill the big hole left in the display we are making for our town hall.


Happy programming.

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