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Help a nob with e682 and LOR


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I am talking to the e682 via the computer and card are on the same network.

I have two strings of 6803 150 leds 5M long connected to 1-1 and 4-4

I can test them on all the test numbers and they do what they are suppose to.


I can't get LOR to make them go anything. I use two other LOR 24 boards with dumb strips and they all work fine. 


LOR USB is in

Blue box in lower right corner

Listener running and happy

DMX IP all to with 5568 port


In the sequence I inserted a DMX universe 1 and 4 


What am I missing I have six reels of 6803 that I want to see running.


The next round is on me for whoever can help.


I have read most every post on the forum in this matter, but still nada..............

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You have both universe 1 and 4 setup to go to .206?

Is the e682 setup for unicast (if v4 of firmware)?

Is cluster 1 assigned to universe 1? What is universe 4 setup for?

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The gentleman that designed those controllers lives not far from me here in the Mid-West.   I'm a first year too, but coming up to speed quickly.


Lets check a few things.


1.  When you say you get the lights to test, I'm assuming you're running a test pattern from the controller's web page - right?  That at least verifies your strings, controllers, and connection to the computer.


2.  You have the sequence channels programmed for DMX lights meaning there's three channels for each and every pixel, and the numbers (Universe and channel)are all verified - right?


3.  Did you also go into the S3 software's network preferences DMX tab to specify "Use E1.31" and Multi-cast?    (Because you're using Universes 1-7, multicast is arguably the easiest).


4.  Did you start the LOR Control panel first so that the sub-program LISTENER is running?


5.  Did you program each port on the controller itself for the proper universe and channel settings?


More than likely the problem is in one of these things. 

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We after reading and reading one thing got me going. Turn all the network DMX to multi cast.


Now never done DMX channels so I added 150 one for each pixel. Got to be a way to do this in one shot channel configuration??? I set them all to RGB channels and one by one set the device type network curcuit for one string.

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Just for troubleshooting, send me a PM with your email address.     I'll email you a test pattern sequence so you can compare.   

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