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E1.31/ACN Packet, All Channels = 0


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Here several days that my problem persists. I'll try to be as clear as possible.

I has:

- LOR USB RS485 adapt

- LOR Advanced 3.10.12

- 4x CMB16D


What I want to do: send packets ACN to another PC.

My DIY software translates the packet to control two software Glediator.


I used to see SACNView packets. He sees Light-O-Rama Comm Listener (, but no instruction is received.


I use UDP Tester, I recoi many packets, but all DMX cannaux are zero.


Should we activate something?


More explanation here:




Thank you for your help

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Re hello,

By the time the moderator confirm my message, I just found a solution.

I clicked on "Disable Shows Gracefully".

I then activated the mode "Multicast".

I changed my program to do the multicast.

All my problems are solved !!

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