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Help - problems with g3-mp3 director


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Trying to test out my new g3-mp3 director. I have it connected to a controller on network 1 and to a CCB on the 2nd network port. Channels are working on network 1, but the CCB is not doing anything. In the sequence the CCB is assigned to Aux A network. How do I get the g3 to output to this network? It does not appear to be doing so. I am running the CCB unit in legacy multiple unit id configuration (in this case 12 is the id assigned to the device and I have configured the CCB properly in the hardware utility.


If I program the SD card using the simple show builder it seems to work, but if I try to program the SD card using the hardware utility program and then take the SD to the unit it says no sd card found when I insert it.




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Ok - solved both issues. Hardware show editor needs to have a musical sequence file to work properly.


The issue with the network issue resolved itself after rebooting the computer (forgot to reboot the computer after installing the latest software) - this seems to solve the issue. Aux A network running at 500k, will be hooking up 8 CCB controllers (2 strings each, 50 bulbs) for a 16 segment tree. Hopefully running at 500k on the Aux A network will be ok. 

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