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Pixabulbs and E682


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I set the E682 to test my 50 pixel pixabulbs from DIYLEDExpress.


This is how my set up is. I have a 12v 45w waterproof power supply connected to the strings, + to red, - to black. Then I have the data wire connected to the strand and to the E682. I am only running the lights in test mode from the E682. When I turn everything on, only 17 bulbs light up with flickering and random colors. I have tried two different strands with 2 different E682 controllers and get the same result. I have the E682 set to control 50 pixels of WS2811. The E682 is powered by a 45w powersupply by it's self. Is 45w of power not enough to light the whole strand? Or is something else going on. The result is the same, the pixabulbs have 2 leds, driven by one WS2811 IC. Last year my WS2811 strips work flawlessly with my E681. This year I wanted to put C-9 bulbs around my roof line. None of the bulbs come on the correct color of the test pattern and only 17 light up.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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If I read this right, you have one power supply powering the E682, and a separate power supply powering the strings. Further, you only have the data connected between the E682 and the string. You need a common ground between the E682 and the string. Either power the strings from the connectors on the E682 (all from the same power supply), or if you really want to use separate power supplies, tie the power supply negative together between the 2 supplies.

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Not sure if I read this right but 45 watt is not going to handle it. I use GECE's on sandevice for my roof line and powered them with 350 watts @ 5v.



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