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How do you use a pic of house to view display?


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New to the light o rama. How did you use the pic of the house to program the display? I spent hours outside sequencing my talking pumpkins so I could see how the lights looked. Would be great to use a pic of the house and do everything from inside.



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Hi Ed,


The program you use is Visualizer. After you have taken a photo of your house and have it on your computer open visualizer. Click on the file tab and select new. When you do this it will have you browse your computer like you are uploading a photo to FB or another website. It will display the photo of your house. Towards the right on the top is a slide looking tool like an EQ. Adjust it to the left to darken the photo so it's easier to see the lights and more represent what your display will look like at night. I would suggest viewing the video tutorials on LOR website as to drawing and setting up your lights and props. Once you get it set up it really is a great tool. I use it all the time while sequencing.



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