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ELL or RS485 Problem?


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Hey guys, I pretty much have the same issue with the USB485 adapter; however I'm going directly from the USB485 adapter to an Easy Light Linker -- the 'transmitter'.  I DO NOT HAVE a second remote ELL connected to a controller.  In this configuration,

should the HWU be able to "find" the COM port/device or does it need a LOR controller attached at the remote end??


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UPDATE:  I can connect and communicate with my LOR controller thru the USB485 interface just fine.  I must assume then the

drivers are good for the USB485.  If I remove the controller from the USB485 and insert the ELL, there are NO lights on in the

ELL.  The USB485 is plugged into a powered hub (same hub that works when the controller is connected to it).  If I plug the linker into

my controller, LED1 flashes once/sec.  One would think perhaps that the hub power is not sufficient to drive the ELL.

So, as directed by the ELL manual, I plugged the USB485 into a USB port off of the main motherboard on the back of my PC...

again NO lights. I tried a different ELL and got the same results.


USB485 appears to work when connected directly to (and is powered by) a controller

USB485 does not work when connected to (and receives power from) a USB port


Any thoughts/suggestion on why this behavior??

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Mike your problem is different that the OPs. Kind of rude to barge into his thread. Go and read more. I think you need to focus on the needs of the RS-485 adapter and the needs of the ELL. You will find that you are not powering the ELL off of the USB to RS-485 adapter, unless you are using the isolated adapter.

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Actually, I went directly to LOR Support.  I was informed that I should be using the USB485B version of the adapter to drive the ELL directly because it has a more robust power circuit than the USB485.  None of their literature makes any reference to using a USB485B versus the USB485.  I have found a work around to get me thru Halloween (e.g. PC > USB485 > CTB16PC Ctrlr Left Jack

CTB16PC Ctrlr Right Jack to ELL ).  The CTB16PC Ctrlr provides the proper power level to the ELL that the USB485 can't.

This work around ties up a $200 controller so is not a long-range fix.

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YOu could simply use an external "wall wart" 12 DC power supply  (MAKE SURE it's ONLY 12V DC) and tie it into a short "jumper cord" (FEMALE/ MALE) with the DC connected in the MALE connector only, this would power the ELL but NOT place DC back into the usb485 adaptor.


You would place this "pigtail jumper" on the end of the CAT-5 cable that plugs into the ELL. (Normal CAT-5 cable, with the pigtail at the ELL end).


I can give you the exact wiring if needed. (would have to go check a SB16PC to make sure......)



BUT, for what it's worth, I kinda agree with MAX-PAUL, you have done what is known as "Hi-Jacking this thread" (somewhat rude)


BUT, (there's that word again :) with only 10 posts under your belt, I'll ignore it this time.



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Pardon my rambling. I would be interested in powering an ELL without connecting to usb485 or a controller. I have a situation in my town where I am running two separate show sites, but want to alternate between the two with one broadcast and show director.

I am on the edge of the 1000' range of the ELL, but with a couple of structures between the two sites might make the distance difficult.

I wanted to put a "relay" ELL in the middle to help the signal if possible. But do not have a controller to power it. Looking for alternative power source.

After more reading, now I think that I would have to have two ELLs in the middle linked together on different frequencies to relay the data.

Of course all is null if I can't find a way to power the ELL without a controller. Don't have an extra lying around.

Sorry I rambled. Any thoughts?

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