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CCR setup


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Hi, maybe this has been answered but I cannot find it..


Does anyone know if you can run all 12 CCR's in one universe if using the  500K high speed adapter without getting Lag?


I want to run my CCR tree on one universe with the RS 485 --HS and about 15 Controllers with my RS-485 adapter with booster on another ? This is the first year I am adding CCR's and I am reading that I have to use 2  universes with the regular adapters  to prevent lag...Thanks

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I have heard you can, but some like me are still worried about lags so I am running 6 each in 2 networks. Again, specs say you should be OK.

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Try this tutorial



I have one more question:


I will be setting up my 12 CCR's on  2 networks: Aux A and Aux B and my 10 LOR on the standard network
I need to set the timings on the CCR networks to "short range, faster" to prevent lag.  Do I leave the standard network alone at the recommended "average speed" or do I choose short range faster as well?
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