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mDM-MP3 and Controller Firmware Incompatability


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I just found the solution to a problem that was making me crazy and wanted to share it here. 


I bought my used controllers last year and then purchased an mDM-MP3 and a USB485 brand new from LOR.  I use the mDM-MP3 because I don't (yet) have a dedicated PC for LOR - which I plan to rectify. 


At any rate, I upgraded the firmware on the controllers from V3.0 to v4.32, and immediately afterward I had all sorts of weird stuff happening: Channels would stick on, come on when they were not programmed to, stick on shimmer, etc.  It was mostly repeatable (i.e. the same lights did the same things on the same song), but there were also periodic new glitches here and there as well.  


I went crazy; changing cables between the mDM-MP3 and the first controller, the first and second controllers, etc.  I thought that my strobe lights might be inducing current back into the controller and therefore unplugged them, I tried altering the sequences, but nothing solved the problem.


Tonight I was finally able to connect a PC, and everything ran perfectly


So I decided to see what firmware was on the mDM-MP3.  This required borrowing a 9Vdc power supply from one of my animatronics and wiring it up.  However, I saw that it was one revision back.  (4.21 vs. 4.22).  


I upgraded the firmware, and now everything works as expected. 


Hopefully I can save someone else from ripping their hair out.





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