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CCR Warranty

George Simmons

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What is the warranty on CCRs?


I was under the impression (supported by this post from Dan http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/13866-warranty-on-ccrs-ccbs-and-other-newe-light-products/#entry121637 ) that the warranty was for two years.


Just yesterday, I was informed by someone who contacted LOR that the warranty was only one year.


Which is true?  And if it changed from two years to one year, when did this change take effect?

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The warranty is 2 years on the CCR, CCB and CCP (bulbs/pixels/ribbons/controllers/power supplies include) as well as the LORxxx controllers. Everything else has a 1 year warranty.  We need to update our warranty page (which I can't even find)... 



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