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GECE splicing... four strands mimic eachother


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I have 4 driveway arches that have 1 GECE icicle 36 count rgb lights on them. I'm wondering first can I just piggy back all them into a 6804 so they mimic eachother? 

Can a single universe support 4 strands?

Would I need an extra power supply along the line?

My driveway 


i just want to save time and wiring if i can do this... if it requires more power, i have more of the original wall worts that came with the GECE


hopefully you guys come to my rescue again.. it worked last time

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would the controller know, if I wired them in series, I guess I'm not running any other universe I might as well just copy and paste. I did Mrs around with mutcracker, and I liked the results just need to work on timings.

thanks for your reply

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