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my 6804, lor, 1.31 problems...


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my problems are very consistent with everyone elses. i can control the lights with the web utility. i have it in network settings, i have a blue light on my sequence editor, i have the dongle attached, i have the commlistener running... 
it seems like everyones problem gets resolved through PM, and the end result isn't listed. so i'll post a few screengrabs and hopefully i'm as lucky as them to control their lights...
I working with a sandevice 6804 and GECE lights. Advance level S3. Direct wired into the lan port on my laptop.


please, i'm chomping at the bit to figure this out. thanks in advance...



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Well everything looks good from what I can see. I see you are using universe 2. When you added in the dmx universe in the SE did you pick universe 2? Just double checking because everything else looks good.


Did you tell the web utility for the 6804 to start at universe 2?


Only question I can think of so far.

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ahh you were right, i can't believe, someone in another post said something along the lines of its usually something small... 


i had assumed that the controller assigned it, but i did that as one step in the beginning and just made the assumption it was populated from the 6804... AHHH what a wasted day yesterday was, but at least i have a firm grasp on troubleshooting now...


thanks a ton, really appreciate the help


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Exact same problem here, if anyone is good at spotting my stupidity, I sure would appreciate it. 


The lights are installed on the house and look great when running test patterns directly on the cards through the web utility, but I just cant figure out where I have missed or selected a wrong setting that will not allow the SE in S3 Advanced v. 3.10.12.    


I have WS-2811 smart pixels spanning across qty:3 E6804s  (Each running its own universe, 7-9) all set for multi-cast.  The listener is running, the SE programming shows the proper universes and channels for ea pixel, but when I run a test sequence, all dark. 


Here are a couple of fuzzy photos of my set-up.  The computer is a new Win8 computer and is currently dedicated so I haven't yet loaded it with Microsoft products. 




You'll notice some extra stuff in the photos, but none is connected at the moment.  I only have the LOR controllers and Universe 7-9 E6804's installed.  After I tackle this, I'll add the Holiday Coro DMX dongle and 9ch output card to handle the dumb strips on Universe 2, and I have planned DMX flood lights on Universe 1. 




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tell me, if you look at your snap shots. Can you tell me what is on each shot? First you have several lights reflecting on your computer screen. 2nd I cant read what is on your screen due to the small size of the text. Cant you do a screen snap, then paste it into paint and then saved as a file?

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