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Switching from running a show from a PC to an SD card on G-3 MP3 Director

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I am using HU ver.  3.9.0 .   Everything worked great last year off my PC with the following set up and 3 com ports: 

Reg Network  - Ten 1602 controllers  ( Unit ID's 1-10)

Aux A Network - Three CCP controllers  (Unit ID's 11-13)

Aux B Network - Three CCP controllers  (Unit ID's 14-16)


This year I am switching over to an SD card on the G-3 MP-3 Show Director (stand alone unit).  No other changes.

Here's my problem:

I don't understand the correlation between the term "Network" when referring to what I did last year and the " Network 1" and "Network 2" jacks on the G-3 MP-3 Director.  Specifically: 


1.  Am I right in assuming that I don't have to change any network configurations of my existing songs?


2. Am I right in believing that all the data for all controllers is is sent down each network (1&2) of the G-3 MP-3 Director?


3.  The only differenc being the Speed of each network? 


4. If I plug in my CCp's in network 1 and run at 500kps, and plug in all 1602 controllers in network 2 and run at 57.6 kps am I good to go? 


I do understand how to program the SD card.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions

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1) No. You will need to adjust your network configs in your current sequences. Anything on NET1 would be the 'regular' network. Anything you intend to plug into NET2 would be 'AUX A'


2) When creating the show in the HWU, there is an option to say, "This is a new G3 director." If memory serves, it doesn't appear 3.9.0. If you have selected this option, and told it you are using the NET2, then it will send data down both ports.


As for 3 and 4, you have it correct.

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