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DMX ID Uni and lor channel


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Hi my Friends, I purchase a Dmx rgb flood light , one HolidayCoro Active dongle and I connect mi PC to dongle and dongle to rj45 floodlight port


My Flood light has a ID=38  some one toldme that is channel 112®, 113(G) and 114(  G )


I tested in Xlights and works OK


Some one can tellme a table of equivalences Id numbers and channels?




ID 38  = 112,113,114

ID 39 = ???

ID 40 = ???






Ing. Adolfo Barbosa

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Looks to me like:

  • Subtract one from the ID of your light.
  • Multiply the result of that by three.
  • Add one to the result of that.

And that's the circuit number of the first channel.  The other two circuit numbers are just in order past that.


Using your "ID=38" as an example:


38 - 1 = 37

37 * 3 = 111

111 + 1 = 112


So the circuit numbers for that light are 112, 113, and 114.

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