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Missed timings on Servo Dog + mini Director

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I have searched the forums and couldn't find this exact issue.


I have a 3 axis skull with eyes that runs perfectly well from a laptop.  When the show is run from either the mini director or the director card with internal clock the movements have a few timming issues.  The left/right/left etc... movements will execute in the correct order but ignore the time of the ramps.

For example, a center to left movement that should take 2 seconds to complete may rapidly move from center to left immediatelty and then hold there until the show catches up and then operate as expected.  The mistakes repeat in the same spots everytime the show is run.  The audio is constant bit rate.


The same movement will take 2 seconds when run from the laptop, as expected.


I have also opened a ticket - but thought I would post a brief explination here in case anyone has experienced this issue before.


I do have a list of troubleshooting I have perform if needed.


Thank you for reading.


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