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Just a warning to everyone using the new USB485B tied to a LOR controller.

My computer (WinXP) started crashing with multiple Sequence Editors running and the only recovery was a reboot. After many hours tracking down the problem, I found that it was caused by a small motor (1/4 hp) starting and stopping via a relay operated by a controller. I deactivated all controllers and operated the relay manually and it still crashed the computer. Apparently the motor created enough electrical noise to effect the Booster. I didn't determine if it was noise on the power line or rf noise but switching back to my usb/serial adapter fixed the problem.

I did not test the booster between the computer and a Linker which it apparently was mostly designed for but the instructions say it will drive a controller or linker.

Hope this saves someone else from wasting a lot of time pursuing system crashes.

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