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Scheduler issue on Windows 98SE


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Preparing for my first trial for Halloween:

I have 5 sequences. I've run them all individually and confirm they work on my "Production" machine.

I build the show there, then added it to the scheduler. Show is around 12 minutes, I scheduled it for a two hour timeslot.

The scheduler plays two songs, then nothing. I've re-arranged the songs, and it's always the first two, then stops.

Any suggestions?

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go to the song that it stops on in the sequence editor. Does the Sequence stop on it's own when you play the whole sequene from the beginging? If you have to hit the red stop button then that is your problem. Your sequence is longer than your music file. Go to the edit menu> Change total time and trim off a few tenths of a second and see if it plays all the way through. If you can cut off even more by looking at the timeline then do so.


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