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LOR or Vista Glitch


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If anyone else can figure out a solution in the meantime, I would appreciate it.


1. Installed LOR and had issues with hardware utility until I installed
the upgraded software for vista. This is where the problems may have

2. I use the Control Panel to open everything so I did not check my folder
list right away. Everything seemed to be working fins and I wasn't paying
attention to where the saved/completed sequences were being saved. All I
knew is that when I opened the sequence editor and clicked open, it would
show all my saved/completed sequences.

3. Now that I have enough sequences done for a 30 minute show I decided to
check out the show editor to see if they would run okay. I followed the
instructions and added all 9 sequences to the show and saved it as SHOW 1.

4. Then I opened schedule editor and set the show to run every day from 6
to 10. Clicked save and exit. Since it was past 6, when I clicked "enable
shows" the first song started playing. However, it would not play anything
after playing the entire first song.

5. I double checked to see if the show was short enough to run in the
alloted time. The entire length of all songs is 29 minutes and 25 seconds.
SO there is no conflict there. I even tried adding some delay time to get
it to EXACTLY 30 minutes to no avail.

6. I went to check something by clicking on start/programs and it was then
that I noticed TWO folders. There was "LightoRama" and Light-O-Rama in my
start/programs menu. However, I could only find one when I manually go to
C, Program files. Following that path, when I clicked on sequences there
was nothing in that folder.

7. I opened the sequence editor and clicked open and saw all my sequences.
When I right clicked on one and selected properties to check the path it
was then that I noticed it was saving sequences to the following location:
C:userspublicpublic documentslightoramasequences

8. I have no idea why it created this path or how. So I saved all my
sequences in another folder and completely uninstalled the program. As a
precaution I deleted ALL light o rama folders and files. Restarted the
computer and then reinstalled the original software.

9. After reinstalling the original, I verified that there was only 1
folder in my start/programs menu as well as manually following the path
through the C drive.

10. I then installed the upgrade for Vista and then installed the upgraded
hardware utility. Again, there was two folders in start/programs menu. I
suspected it was creating the second folder during the upgrade.

11. So I uninstalled again, deleted all folders and files and reinstalled.
I had to do this 3 times before it would finally just result in one
LightORama folder in start/programs menu. NOTE: DURING ALL REINSTALLS I

12. Once this was done I copied all my sequences and MP3's back into the

13. Next I had to reassign the audio files to the sequences one at a time
and then saved each one. Verified that they played correctly and the
animations worked fine.

14. Open the show editor and went create the show again. When I clicked on
the "musical" tab it said there were no files in the folder. It was
looking for shows under file type, so I selected "all files". Then they
showed up. However when I tired to select one it gave me the following
error message:
The location C:userspublicpublic documentslightoramasequences refers
to a location that is not valid.

15. So, it is still trying to find the files in a location that is not
valid or should not exist. I don't understand why it wants to save to or
look for sequences in this location and not C:program
fileslightoramasequences as it should be, right?

16. I don't know if this is an LOR glitch or a Vista glitch. I am leaning
towards the latter. I am fully prepared to install Windows XP on this
computer is that is the easiest solution.

Neil "Light Engineer" Monkman

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At least I am not alone in this.

It is going to seriously affect my scehdule if I can't get this resolved quickly. I will give LOR some time to check this out.

If it does not get fixed I will have no choice but to install the Operating System that worked before Microsoft screwed everything up with this piece of junk VISTA!!!

I thought the switch from 98 to XP was bad, but this is much worse. The biggest problem is the idiot proof security features for the idiots that refuse to learn how to use a computer and protect themselves on their own.

Just my thoughts on Vista and Bill Gates


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I have to manually stop every sequence. I thought it was supposed to do that.

Will simply deleting events after the music stops cure this problem?


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Okay, shortened all the sequences and they stop on their own now.

Tried to create a show and went to the folder C:UsersPublicDocumentsLight-O-Ramasequencesxxxxx.lms

There are no files showing when it says "lms" under file type. Selected "all files" and the files could be seen.

When I try to select any of them, it says the file cannot be opened.

Tried renaming all files with the words "rev1" at the end of the file name and asame thing.

Ready to send them all back. ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:X

EDIT: Also tried adding from C:Prgram FilesLight-O-RamaSequences......

Same thing!!

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nmonkman.......I thinkI found our fix.....in the show editor after you see all your sequences, click the + button to add them to the show. I was right clicking on the sequence I wanted to add and selecting "open" and getting that error message to. See if that helps...............Mike

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I followed Jeff's instructions and solved MY vista problem. Awesome...Thanks for all the help Jeff!

mmonkman I think we had the same problem. I let vista put the files where it wanted..lor found them...and fixed the problem sequences like jeff said. five mins later it worked.


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I have put the files in both locations:

C:Program FilesLight O RamaSequences


C:UsersPublicDocumentsLight O RamaSequences which is the location it was saving to before I uninstalled and reinstalled the software.

Then, just to be sure I went through each file one at a time and made a minor change, clicked undo, and then saved as "same file name" with "rev1" added to the name.

It still will not show the files when I try to create a show. It say the folder is empty (both of them). If I change the search criteria under file types from shows to all files, it shows the files , but then says it cannot open them.


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Just a suggestion.

Since you opened the files and modified, might you have saved them with a file extension other than the .lms. I ask this since you said they do not show unless you select the search criteria as all files.

You should be able to verify this by navigating to the folder where you do find the files and select a file and look at the properties.


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Not sure that this will work but it's worth a try.... Only if you are comfortable editing the registry. I won't tell you how to get there to do so but the LOR registry keys live HKEYCU>Software>LOR>Shared be sure to back that registry up before dinking around.

There are 3 pathname keys that need changed to the current folders that house your sequences. I had to change them here to get LOR to recognize that I wanted them in my "personal" my documents LOR folder.


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I DID JUST WHAT YOU SAID!!! It had some other path in there and I changed to where they are saved. Enabled shows and they are playing right now.

So far 5 songs played one after another with no glitches.

I owe you big time,

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nmonkman wrote:

I owe you big time,

Not sure about that, I defiantly am not an expert by any means! I had a problem with saving complete shows, and this was the fix for that also. Hopefully LOR II will have the ability to change the desired pathway in the preferences/options or whatever.

Glad I could help..... Now back to sequencing for me. I'm having a blast, spending WAY too much money just to get 10 pumpkins to sing for Halloween Right now. I still have to figure out what to do for Christmas.

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I had called Microsoft about this and they seem to think it is a page file error within Vista. Of course they can't do anything about 3rd party software.

He also told me that they are already working on a new OS to succeed Vista and it will most likely be called Vienna.


I made a suggestion that he is going to send to the corporate office. Most of the problems with 3rd party software can be attributed to the security policies of Vista. I tld him that since they already have Vista basic, home and premium, why not have a Vista Administrator version for skilled users that DOES NOT have all the ridiculous policies built in.

He actually got his boss on the phone and we discussed it for 30 minutes. They are aware that Vista IS NOT a big seller with corporations because 90% of the IT Techs don't want to keep dealing with the issues that come up. They can't set their own policies because they conflict with the existing ones.

I told him that I am going to install XP Pro on all my PC's until they get this worked out, but not until after Christmas. I got it working now and don't have time to deal with any problems or backing everything up right now.

Oh well, thanks again to the team that helped me.

I am still a little upset that I have not gotten a reply from Dan himself or anyone at LOR on this. I know they are probably busy right now, but......


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