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LOR800W problem as a standalone controller


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I am preparing the LOR800W as a standalone for Halloween. For the first time I downloaded sucessfully a sequence using the hardware utility. I tested the controller using a PIR motion detector as a trigger in standalone mode and it worked.

Since I am planning to use servos in this project and the first sequence was short. I once again added loops and added channels 9 and 10 for servos. I saved the sequence exited the program and opened the hardware utility for a new download.

I click the delete button to erase the old sequence and assigned the MC-P port selector A to servo and B to servo. Went ahead to download the new sequence. A message appeared that the the download is sucessful.

When I clicked the sequence on to test nothing happens? Where did I go wrong? No lights are been turned on. I have a brick controller. Please advice... please help.



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