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So getting ready to start some new sequencing and I am currently using Version 2.8.10 Standard and I thought about upgrading to the latest version.


When I clicked on upgrade from the help menu in my current sequence editor it tells me


" You are currently licensed for the standard version

to upgrade to a higher feature level please purchase a higher level license and then re-register using the dialog box that will open as soon as you close this message"


So my question is..... what steps exactly do I need to do to upgrade to the latest version?



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All you need to do is renew your software license.


Here is the link in the store.

Also, if you want to go from 'Standard' to 'Advanced' you would *only* need to purchase from this link.


If you upgrade to Advanced you *would not* need to renew your license. That would count as a license renewal.

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Posted in PC also...  Can anyone explain to me how to go from 2.9.4 to 3.x?  I just realized how much improvement there is in the visualizer compared to the animator and would really like to put the most recent 3.x version on my PC.  Thanks very much in advance!!!!!

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