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Frustrating E1.31 issue with LOR

jim st john

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I am trying to get LOR to output E1.31 for controlling Madrix.  (I did read the stickied thread).   I use this arrangement already on my normal show computer, and all is well.  Now I'm trying to set up a similar arrangement on a laptop for a presentation.


My problem is that I can't get LOR to output E1.31 when playing a sequence from the sequence editor.  Every time I open the Play menu, "Control Lights" is unchecked.  If I check it, and start a playback, it immediately unchecks itself.


The only way that I can run a sequence in the sequence editor without it unchecking "Control Lights" is if I unload the LOR Control Panel.  But it appears that without the Control Panel running, LOR doesn't want to send any E1.31.


Obviously I'm missing something, but I just don't know what it is.




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The easiest is plug a LOR USB adapter in to keep the "Control Lights" feature checked.

Under Network Preferences change to LOR Adapter to None.

Then you should be able to keep the Control Lights checked.


And yes, you have to have the Control Panel running to output E1.31.



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I did have a LOR USB485 connected, since I remember that there was an issue if one wasn't used.  Not sure about setting LOR Adapter to None in network preferences.  I will check that.


I'm curious why that would cause a problem though...

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If setting it to none solved your problem, then for some reason it was set to the wrong comm port or LOR didn't see the dongle for some reason.

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dougd nailed it.

After connecting the dongle you might have to start the Hardware Utility and set the comp port.  If you leave the dongle connected 224/7 it stays on the same com port, but if it is disconnected it might change.


Glad you got it working.


Scott Hubbard

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Since you have some Madrix experience - how did you set up the Madrix inputs? I am still debating if I want one LOR channel per Madrix preset or one LOR channel and then use Levels to select the preset. I kind of like the first way better - however I had issues mapping the input to the preset in Madrix...

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  • 1 month later...

I can't get LOR to talk to my E682 either.  I can control it via the browser and do test colors.. but LOR just won't talk to it.  I have do everything I can think of and then some.  Setting all seem right. 

  • LOR port "none"
  • DMX E1.31 tied both unicast and multicast.
  • Tried going directly from my PC to the E682 with nothing in between. 
  • Test patterns are off.
  • IP is set correctly..
  • LOR Listener says connection accepted.. displays the E682 IP address and both universes. 
  • DMX channels programmed correctly...
  • E682 says no packets have been sent. 

I am assuming that the port is selected via the computer automatically since the Listener displays it. 


It just figgin don't work. 


Anyone have any ideas?  

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Make sure your USB-RJ45 adapter is plugged in. Even if you are NOT running any LOR controllers you will need this (few excepttions if you are NEVER going to use LOR controllers and you must remove the drivers etc).

Check the control lights check box.  If it is off but was on before running the sequence check to see that your USB-RJ45 adapter is plugged communicating with lor (even if not connected to on the outbound side.

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I finally got mine to work. 


No I didn't need a LOR USB adapter.  Just set that to "NONE" in the Network Preferences if you are not using any LOR controllers.  What I did need to do was change the port number from the one that came up on its own which was 8837 to 5568.  From then on everything works great. 


Someone told me that number and I have no idea how it was derived.... But it worked.  When I add back my LOR network I will then remove the "none" from the LOR networks and add what needs to be there.

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