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A Smart Dumb DMX E1.31 question


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I sure someone else has thought about this and can tell me where I am going wrong.


I have one of the SANsDevice cards. So I plan on using E1.31 to control pixels this year.  I am also planning on adding some LED floods, (Like those that David sells). As I read the info on HolidayCoro's website I do not see any thing about those nice little white box DMX controllers working with E1.31.


Here is my thought. Since each Pixel is really a controller and a 3 color LED in one little package, how different is that from a DMX controller and one or more LED Lights attached to it.  In other words, if I had say 5 floods each with it's own DMX controller. Couldn't I run that off of one of the Universes from the SANs card?


I know that I would have to inject power to the floods down the line.


What protocol does the DMX controller use? WS2811, 2801?


The goal is to not have to get a different converter for this setup.


Thank You all.

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The DMX controller uses DMX protocol which is different than the WS2811 and other similar protocols.

e1.31 is actually DMX transported over Ethernet. If I recall correctly, the Sandevice card has an option to output DMX (which is in the end a serial protocol)

So you would go e.131 to Sandevice and then DMX to your floodlight.

I have the same flood lights and for a while I thought about modifying them until I figured it is much more fun being able to control them individually (which you can do with DMX).

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Viennaxmas is correct.  You can configure one of the outputs on the SanDevices to output balanced DMX.

That would then connect to your floodlights that run "DMX" as long as they all can fit in one universe.

I am doing the same setup with 12 DMX floodlights with the built in decoder.

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Thanks Folks,

I got on line with David and he explained it too me (again)  For my purpose this seems to be a good option. I have ordered some of the parts and will get it a good try. 


Perplexed by Pixels. :) 

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the lil white boxes that holiday coro sells only run 3 channels  I use them for dumb pixels  they wont work on smart pixels they require more channels  like the 5 meter smarts I got require 150 channels  that's 3 (rgb) x 50

(5 meter string) = 150 channels  just my input regards

I use the sandevice 682  I use 8 strings of smarts on 1 side and 8 strings of dumb pixels on the other side

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