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Need Help with Pixel layout on my house Please help.


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Hi everyone.
I have been bashing my head to figure all this RGB stuff out.
I am wanting to use the Technicolor Pixels from Ray Wu with the C9 covers.
I am having a hard time how many pixels to use to outline my house, windows, Door, etc...

I know that I want to use the Technicolor Pixels with the C9 covers on my roof and on the side corners of my house.

I haven't decided yet if I want to use them on my windows and my front door.
If I decide not to use those on my windows and door I'm considering using these.


Can some one please help me figure this out ?
I have attached a drawing with all the measurements below.

I want to use three of the Sandevices E6804 Pixel controllers with the Technicolor Smart Pixels from Ray Wu.

Technicolor Pixels http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/100nodes-DC12V-WS2811-LED-technicolor-pixel/701799_922162404.html

Sandevices E6804 http://www.sandevices.com/E6804Info.html

Thank you


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1st don't rely on the length provided by Ray Wu for exact measurements.


The specs say 10cm..... but in reality, when you actually install them its more like 10cm "ish"

especially on the long runs.. it turns out I thought I would need 99 pixels in reality it was 91

where I thought I would need 36 I used 35  etc....


So buy enough to cover,, and then some (you will burn out a few pixels and make mistakes.

the technicolor pixels might actually be a lot better with the length as the wires come out the sides, rather than the bottom, so you may experience better results than I did. (I was using the pixels were the wire come out the bottom).

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It would be nice if the "Grid" would have the option of having BOTH horizontal and vertical grids.

For example horizontal for my eves and vertical for my "not-so" mega tree

i suppose I could try to re-configure my "no-so mega" tree so that it's set up horizontal rather than vertical


(I will have to try that next week, when I'm back at my LOR computer)

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Also something else that would be nice is extended support beyond "24 CCR's (3600 channels)"


I'm planning on adding 24 strips (to build a matrix) in addition to my not-so mega tree and eves.


I'm planning on having over 4000 channels next year.


I suppose I could sequence the matrix on it's own and then do the eves/tree separately.

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