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Last year, I installed an opto isolator backwards. Dan and Mary sent me a replacement isolator so I can repair the board. When removing the isolator, the trace (is that the proper term for the copper conductor on the board?) came loose. I suspected it probably would. I figure I will cut the trace away where it came loose and just hardwire from the isolator to the triac. My question, what gauge wire should I use?

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Be careful, there is not a direct connection from the opto isolator to the triac. Please send an email to support@lightorama.com with a description of the problem.

As far as the wire gauge is concerned it can be very small. There is only about 1/20th of an amp from the opto to the triac.


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Sorry, gave the wrong information. I will e-mail support. For clarification though, when the trace lifted, I put the CTB16K back in the storage box and began working on one of the new CTB16PC boards. In my lazy moment last night, I looked at the PC board on the kitchen table rather than go get the CTB16K back out when I asked the question. Comparing the two right now, right component, wrong board, wrong trace.

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